Welcome to pyOpy, born August 23, 2015. pyOpy was inspired by the OC Arduino Raspberry Pi meetup in Costa Mesa, California, and its sponsors EarthLCD and EarthMake. We are building a community, software and hardware to allow anyone to Make and program electronic projects and products. Our goal is to have the ease and community of Arduino including Arduino shield compatibility. pyOpy Bu our first IOT ( internet of things ) programmable controller will ship early 2016. Faster then Arduino and easier then Raspberry Pi it runs on AAA batteries and has many out of the box features such as accelerometer, gyroscope, compass speaker and microphone for $29.00!

The site is the hub of our community with interactive forums, conferencing and online courseware under development.  Our hardware under development pyOpy electronics (starting at $29.00 and 20x faster and 8x the memory of the Arduino UNO) will be usable for robotics, home automation, internet of things and virtually anywhere a  programmable device can be used.  Our software (in alpha testing) is a variation of Micro Python and our pyOpy IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The pyOpy IDE is the world’s easiest to use development environment for programming configuring and learning to program pyOpy hardware. pyOpy will be available on every major computing platform including PC, Linux, Mac, Android and IOS.

We are actively seeking partners, followers and all skills from testing, writing, designing to community builders. Participate and spread the word and be part of something special. Please register on our email loop to be kept up to date and follow us on twitter (pyopian) and facebook. Also if you want to come to our meetups and get free hands on pyOpy experience and training register at

pyOpy - The Next Great Maker Platform

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